Hi, I’m Aaron Simumba, welcome to my website.

I work in the financial services sector as a Business Intelligence & Analytics Lead. Previously, I worked for mPharma as a Data Management Associate.

In another life, I was an Accounting and Finance major. Graduated from the University of Namibia with a BA degree in Accounting(Honours). Equally tutored Business Administration students in the art of business and accounting at the University of Zambia.

I am lost in the Data Science web… hoping to find my way out of the maze soon. I find data and the process of data analysis to glean insight from the raw data, overly exciting and fascinating alike.

In another world, I’m fascinated by stock markets and everything with a business and finance buzz.

I can be found on Github poking around interesting projects… and occasionally I rant on twitter.

For this website

This will be a place where I share my daily musings in the world of R, analytics and mostly, everything remotely interesting. I have a knack for learning interesting data analytics technologies.

Let's have fun! :smile:

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