Demo: Embedding Tableau public Visualizations

  tableau, Visualization, iframe

  Aaron Simumba

In this short demo, I implement how to embed Tableau public visualizations on the personal website.This implementation is achieved through using iframe. The embed link from a Tableau public visualization has to be enclosed with the <iframe> </iframe> tag. I created a visualisation of LuSE listed companies for demonstration using data from Africa Markets. The visualization below is embedded with the following code:

src="" width="652px" height="756px" style="border: 0px;" scrolling="no">

NOTE: You must strip off the extra text from the URL to the right side of the ? from the URL obtained from the Tableau public viz. There after add the colon followed by other arguments as indicated above.

Here is the breakdown of each argument and value:

  • src - This is the source URL from the tableau public visualisation dashboard.
  • showVizHome=no&:embed=true" - This allows the visualization to display on the external site its being embedded.
  • width=“652px” height=“756px” - You can set the width to height ratio, expressed either as px or as %.
  • style=“border: 0px;" - This eliminates the shadow border around the visualization.
  • scrolling=“no” - setting this to no allows for the visualization to fully occupy the available space, and not have extended scrolling bars.

That is all. It is that simple to leverage Tableau public infrastructure for great visualizations which can be shared on private websites.