Building a Website with Blogdown and Hugo


Aaron Simumba


July 3, 2017

In this short post. I will detail my journey building my website using blogdown an R package that makes use of the static website generator Hugo. This is a great R package, written by Yihui Xie.

For starters, there is offical documentation which is so far still under developement, but nonetheless it has already covered most of the pertinent issues to get you started buiding your own desired website.

If you are coming from the Google blogspot or wordpress dungeon, then by default I will assume you are going to love this new introduction to the blogsphere. It’s worth to make mention though that this, may not look quite easy and appealing to people with very little computers/tech aquaintance. For your own information, I am an Accounting/finace major in another life; apparently things had to balance, maybe so, some of the world’s things have to find a reconciliation point after all. This I hope if you’ve never built a website or even a blog it will help you believe you can do it, just the way I am doing it!

Enough with the stories, buckle up we jump right into it.

For the theme, I was initially spoiled for choice, I tried a few before finally settling for the Cactus theme. It’s both well enriched with great visual aesthetics as well as a clean presentation. I have changed quite a lot of stuff to meet my own preferences and for what I intend to use the website for. If your choice is to get up and running without bothering to learn a bit of HTML and CSS for further alterations and customizations, the Hugo site has plenty of templates to suit different tastes.

NOTE: Lookout for a comprehensive summary of how I designed my current website soon…


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