Let twitter do the job


Aaron Simumba


October 6, 2017

One of the most exciting things I’ve been able to do in the past few months, has been my rekindled interest in blogging. No matter how trivial the idea that comes to mind is, I find myself constantly wanting to put it in words and hang it somewhere on this site. Although, this may seem like an obsession; you never know who is reading or interested in your thoughts, no matter how non-bearing they may seem.

Although it is one thing to put your thoughts out. It is another issue to attract your intended audience. Thankfully, we are living in an era where more than ever, it is practically easier to reach a wider and remote audience in no time, with the emergence of social media.

After finalising my previous blog post, I decided to tweet the post, with the hash tag #rstats. Which is like the defacto twitter label if you want to get noticed in the R community. It did not take a long time before the post was being liked and retweeted within the community. Next, I checked my Google analytics data and the traffic had gone tenfold, all because of one post that most found of interest.

The post was not really based on something original, I was implementing some work done by Jeff Leek. Which I am happy I got to learn and experience something new. Thanks to @Thinkr for initiating the retweet… As they say the rest is history.


In hindsight, I now believe more in the adage: “there is nothing new under the sun, whatever was built can be taken apart”. And the open source community have proven this many a times.


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