Demo: Embedding Tableau public Visualizations

Through Tableau public integration


Aaron Simumba


November 12, 2017

In this short demo, I implement how to embed Tableau public visualizations on the personal website.This implementation is achieved through using iframe. The embed link from a Tableau public visualization has to be enclosed with the <iframe> </iframe> tag. I created a visualisation of LuSE listed companies for demonstration using data from Africa Markets. The visualization below is embedded with the following code:

src="" width="652px" height="756px" style="border: 0px;" scrolling="no">

NOTE: You must strip off the extra text from the URL to the right side of the ? from the URL obtained from the Tableau public viz. There after add the colon followed by other arguments as indicated above.

Here is the breakdown of each argument and value:

That is all. It is that simple to leverage Tableau public infrastructure for great visualizations which can be shared on private websites.


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Aaron Simumba. 2017. “Demo: Embedding Tableau Public Visualizations.” November 12, 2017.